About us

A Polish company with principles

Our values and mission statement

Our mission statement and the values guiding us in our day-to-day undertakings are fundamental for DYNAXO. Every day they inspire us in our work and influence the quality of our services, products and decisions.

Our MISSION is to produce and supply products and services to our customers with a high standard of operating culture, ensuring:

  • reliability – our most important values are quality, reliability and respect
  • a modern approach – we use new technologies and implement novel solutions
  • effectiveness – we always reach the goal we set.

OUR VALUES focus on key groups and issues:

Customers – we believe that we have a responsibility to our customers to deliver our products and services reliably. Both our products and services should always be of top quality so as to fulfill their requirements. At the same time we should strive to reduce costs and keep our prices competitive. Our customers’ orders should be delivered in a quick and timely fashion.

Employees – we have a responsibility to our employees. Each member of our staff should be treated individually with proper respect and fair evaluation of their work. Pay must be fair, and working conditions safe and hygienic. Our staff are free to communicate their suggestions and complaints to the management. We offer equal employment, training and promotion opportunities for employees with suitable qualifications.

Management – we ensure that our management is efficient, just and ethical. The assets entrusted to us should be kept in good order, and the environment we work in should be protected. We have a responsibility to the owners of our company.

Development – a business must earn a fair profit. We must carry out development work, experiment, and pay for our mistakes. We need to buy new machines and equipment, construct new buildings, and introduce new products into our portfolio.

Security – we should keep something in reserve for difficult times. If we adhere to these rules, we can expect our income to be satisfactory.

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