About us

A Polish company with principles

Quality policy

From vision to mission

A combination of real passion with precisely defined goals of an undertaking inevitably leads to creating an exceptional vision. In case of Dynaxo it is based on strengthening our firm position of a trustworthy supplier of comprehensive technical solutions for reputed brands, as well as developing our image as a reliable manufacturer of gas ceramic hobs. A consistent execution of such a task requires a sense of responsibility, high level of company culture, as well as courage in addressing the future. These three traits allow us to supply our clients with highest quality products and services.

From mission to strategy

  • By widening and constant diversification of our clients’ professional portfolio we gain new experience and knowledge which helps us guarantee a varied product range.
  • By cooperating with reliable and qualified suppliers we ensure a professional approach at every stage of our actions.
  • By constantly monitoring customer satisfaction levels we strive towards perfection in order to meet even the most demanding expectations.
  • By raising our employees’ qualifications we become a fully competent and trustworthy business partner.

Our value – customer satisfaction

  • Our responsibility towards our clients obliges us to deliver the highest possible quality, fill orders timely and reduce manufacturing costs to attain the maximum level of price competitivity.
  • Not only do we desire our products and services to be the answer to changing expectations and demands, but we also strive to anticipate needs, generate unique values as well as maintain the high position of a specialist in the area of designing and manufacturing metal products.

Our strength – recognition by employees

  • Responsibility for our employees obliges us to provide an individual and dignified approach towards everyone, including fair pay, equal employment, promotion and professional development opportunities for everyone, as well as full safety and comfort at work.
  • Our ethical management is based on partnership and principles of a democratic workplace, where decisions are made by consensus and through dialogue with our employees. We pay the professionals we employ according to the knowledge and skills they possess.

Our future – sustainable development

  • Responsibility for maintaining the high level of our business motivates us to particularly care for nature and for protection of the work environment.
  • Being highly concerned about these issues, we strive to create innovative solutions and pursue technological experiments which teach us to rationally assess our successes as well as take responsibility for the mistakes we make.
  • We believe in the power of investment, which is why we constantly develop by purchasing new machines, production lines and halls, which are both a guarantee of present profits and a provision for the future.

We share our passion for sport, healthy lifestyle and fair play with our employees.

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