At Dynaxo we use three state-of-the-art CNC folding brakes with four to seven digitally controlled axes allowing for bending metal sheets of lengths up to 3 m and thickness up to 6 mm at the highest level of precision. We have invested in the most technologically advanced LVD folding brake equipped with a unique Easy-Form® Laser measurement system, supporting sheet metal bending. Long or heavy metal sheets are processed using the turbo version of the brake, which has additionally been equipped with moving support.


Sheet metal cutting is not a complicated process. It consists of using a press and a punching die to cut different shapes from steel. Mechanical presses we use are based on eccentricity. It is important to take into account the specification of the processed material when a given product is designed, because its thickness and resistance are key parameters to which the matrices and stamps have to be adjusted.

The process of cutting is usually connected with other forms of processing such as bending and forming of metal sheets. It consists of cutting any shape from a piece of metal, using specifically formed punching dies. One side of the material is pressed against the matrix, while the other is pressed against the stamp. This allows not only to adjust the shape of metal sheets, but also to punch holes of different diameters in them.
Cutting steel requires physical strength, which we achieve by using tensions tangential to the cross-section of the material. High pressure allows for extremely precise finishing of previously designed details.

This solution is used above all in the industry sector. It is characterized by its comprehensiveness and efficiency. Metal sheet bending and forming makes it possible to produce metal components for the home appliance, telecommunication and IT, motoring and machine markets.

Our company also offers laser cutting, milling, powder coating as well as metal polishing. We invite you to try our professional services.


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