With full responsibility we can say that we are unbeatable when it comes to plastic treatment of details of any kind. We own a state-of-the-art LVD Sirius laser cutter with a power of 4000 W. We cut materials of sizes up to 1500×3000 mm and thickness of up to 20 mm (for steel sheets), 15 mm (for stainless steel sheets) and 10 mm (for aluminium sheets).

Our machine guarantees the highest level of precision, while maintaining high working speed and repetitiveness of treated elements, which translates to a short fulfilment time of even the most demanding orders. Combining this process with sheet metal bending on press brakes we achieve extraordinary efficiency while maintaining very high quality of our products.

Our cutter is based on so-called “flying optics”, automatically focusing the laser beam to adjust it to specific technology, parameters and material. This method allows laser cutting to be extremely precise, creating details with complicated shapes. Excellent qualities are maintained within the entire sheet, even for large surfaces.

A significant advantage of laser cutting is the possibility to obtain a smooth and uncontaminated surface.

Our company offers processing of even the smallest elements made of steel sheets, galvanized metal sheets, stainless steel sheets or aluminium sheets. We process sheets up to 1500×3000 mm, which allows us to achieve great elasticity and competitive prices.

Laser cutting at Dynaxo is a perfect combination of modern technology with intelligent application solutions. Our clients are guaranteed professional technical advice, reliability and accuracy when fulfilling orders, work on materials provided by the clients or available at our warehouses. Timeliness of order fulfilment is one of the most important aspects of cooperation in business; in addition, we ensure competitive prices and professional service also when it comes to sheet metal shearing, bending and forming.

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