When it comes to sheet metal forming, we have no equals. We use a 3kW LVD Lynx 3015 laser cutter and a 3kW SALVAGNINI L5-30 cutter with an automatic loading and unloading system.
With our appropriately selected technology and cutting parameters, we can ensure precision cutting across a whole sheet with maximum parameters of 1500 x 3000 mm. Our laser cutting services combine advanced technologies and smart solutions to guarantee precision and high quality of the cut edges.


We know absolutely everything about turret punching. We have two exceptionally productive turret punches, PRIMA POWER Genius PG1225 and LVD Verona 1225, which can cut metal sheets with dimensions up to 1250 × 2500 mm.
Production capacity is determined by the large tool turret, extensive range of available tools, and the retooling ease and speed, which turn the turret punch into a productive and competitive manufacturing solution.


DYNAXO has one of the newest bending centres, the SALVAGNINI P4lean-2120, which offers universal tools for bending metal sheets with thickness between 0.4 mm and 3.2 mm and an automatic retooling system. The centre offers a high production output and flexibility, but is still a very simple device when it comes to the operating principle.

We also offer bending services on conventional CNC press brakes with four to seven digitally controlled axes, which make it possible to bend metal sheets with length up to 3.3 m and thickness up to 6 mm with the utmost precision. We have invested in the most technologically advanced LVD press brake with the unique Easy-Form® Laser measuring system supporting sheet metal bending.


Our machine park also offers professional sheet metal pressing and punching services with eccentric presses producing pressure of 40-100 tonnes and the hydraulic HYDROLIKSAN press producing pressure of 100 tonnes. This technology allows for optimal production of details with dedicated equipment, which ensures high output capacity and lower production costs. However, this solution is dedicated for larger series or repetitive production.


In scope of our continuous development, the DYNAXO welding process was enriched with the robotised Fanuc ARC MATE 120iD/12L welding station with the Fronius TPS 400i CMT welding device and three-axis positioner. Thanks to the innovative technology, we offer high seam quality and welding repetition.

We also have five conventional MIG/MAG and TIG welding stations and two spot welding stations.


DYNAXO has been offering powder coating technology for many years. Thanks to the advanced and automated paint shop, we can powder-coat elements with weight up to 50 kg and maximum size of 500 × 1000 × 2000 mm. We ensure appropriate (chemical) surface treatment for high corrosion resistance up to 500 hours in a salt chamber test technology as well as high quality of the surface and its finishing.


Our comprehensive offer also includes additional technologies. We aim to satisfy the demands of our clients and provide them with complete solutions.

  • Finishing and polishing on the COSTA MD4-CV 1150 wide belt deburring machine
  • Milling on AXYZ 4000 4.6 kW CNC plotter with working range of 1520 x 1220 x 250 mm
  • Profile cutting on Ergonomic Automat band saw
  • External services: electro and hot dip galvanising, anodising, chromating, screen printing
  • Assembly (rivets, nuts, mandrels, other joints) and pre-installation into finished components

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