For many years, DYNAXO has specialized in powder coating technology. Our highly advanced, fully automated paint shop enables the powder coating of items weighing up to 50 kg and with dimensions up to 500×1000×2000 mm. We also have a special booth which can be used to paint larger items, up to 1000×2000×4000 mm.

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We have machinery for professional cutting and stamping of metal sheets on excenter presses with 16 to 160 metric ton pressure. This equipment allows us to perform even highly complex cutting operations on smaller and larger items. We also have a guillotine cutter which can cut sheets up to 3 m in length and up to 3 mm in thickness.

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We are unrivaled when it comes to mechanical metal forming. We use an LVD laser cutter (Sirius) with 4000 W beam, which enables the cutting of 1500×3000 mm sheets with a maximum thickness of 20 mm for steel, 15 mm for stainless steel and 10 mm for aluminum. Our cutter uses “flying optics” to achieve automatic focusing of the beam depending on the selected parameters and cutting technology, gas and material, to ensure accurate cutting on the entire area. It combines advanced technology with intelligent laser cutting solutions.

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Thanks to a technologically advanced workshop we are able to provide metal processing services. Using a band saw we perform large-series cuts of both metal profiles and full material with maximum diameter of 250 mm. We use a pivotless roller for pipes and profiles, which is based on the technology of enwrapping the pipe around a stencil, allowing us to produce bends with minimum radius of 2 Φ and maximum thickness of 3 mm, with the diameter of rolled pipes

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We have three modern CNC bending brakes at our disposal at DYNAXO, each having four to seven digitally controlled axes which allow bending of metal sheets up to 3 m in length and up to 6 mm thick with the highest degree of precision. We have invested in the most advanced LVD bending brake with a unique Easy-Form® Laser measuring system to assist in the bending process. Long or heavy metal sheets are processed on a turbo version press, which is additionally fitted with a follow-up support.

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In the course of constant improvement of our metal processing, we have specialized in TIG, MIG and MAG welding. The first method allows us to achieve top-quality welds in thin metal sheets – carbon and low-alloy, stainless and other high-alloy steel, as well as sheet aluminum. The MIG and MAG methods are intended for welding thicker media, such as metal sheets, sections, rods, pipes and other structural materials.

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