We manufacture products for our Clients based mainly on our knowledge and experience. We focus on research and development, which is why our team includes specialised designers and technologists.

Development Office – from vision to product

We opened our own Research and Development Office in order to handle development and innovative product investments. It is supported by the Technology Office. This synergy led to the development of numerous unique projects, including the pioneering ceramic gas cooktop technology, which was patented by DYNAXO. The years of experience, development of human resources, and investments in the internal infrastructure and research allow us to realise the visions of our Clients. After multiple stages of work – including on the 3D model – and extensive structural testing, we can develop a product offering optimal parameters and the best quality possible.

Laboratory – responsibility for quality

With consideration of the credibility of the performed tests and what it means to the final product quality, we opened a research laboratory equipped with professional controlling and measuring apparatus. We have our own EMC (electromagnetic compatibility testing) labs, gas labs, and long-term research labs. Over the years, we conduct research aimed to ensure the best possible capacities and performances for the manufactured equipment. By combining R&D experts and professional research equipment, we can accurately verify the finished products for compliance with all required safety and quality standards.

To us, nothing is impossible


DYNAXO is a place where passion meets precision and development leads to action.
This is where ideas are born and this is where they come into being.

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