In scope of sheet metal forming, we also offer precise bending with innovative CNC press brakes, which are capable of bending metal sheets of various lengths with the highest precision.

Thanks to the sheet metal forming process, we can offer various types of enclosures for a wide range of devices to our clients.

Press brakes:

  • DYNA PRESS 24/12 PLUS – pressure force: 24 tonnes / bending length: 1250 mm
  • ITALTEC ISB 40/20 – pressure force: 40 tonnes / bending length: 2000 mm
  • LVD PPEB 170/30 – pressure force: 170 tonnes / bending length: 3300 mm
  • LVD PPEC-7 110/30 – pressure force: 110 tonnes / bending length: 3300 mm

We also have a new automatic and robotised bending centre, which ensures high quality, precision, and repeatable bending. This technology allows us to offer high performance and efficient operation to our clients. The panel bender offer measurable benefits, especially when it comes to complex products (enclosures) and big series.

SALVAGNINI P4lean-2120

  • maximum bending length: 2180 mm
  • maximum sheet thickness: steel 2.5 mm; stainless steel 2 mm; aluminium 3 mm