Our mission and the values underpinning our every venture comprise the foundation of DYNAXO. They serve to inspire us in our everyday operations and determine the quality of the provided services, the manufactured products, and our decisions.

Our MISSION is to provide our Clients with products and services of a high technical culture as follows:

  • DEPENDABLY – our top priorities are quality, honesty, and treating people with respect,
  • INNOVATIVELY – we take advantage of new technologies and implement innovative solutions,
  • EFFICIENTLY – we always fulfil the objectives established before us.

OUR VALUES are focused on the following key groups and issues:

Clients – we believe that we have a responsibility towards our Clients to provide quality products and services. The products and services must always be of high quality to fulfil their demands. We strive to reduce production costs in order to offer competitive prices. The orders placed by our Clients must be fulfilled quickly and on time.

Employees – we have a responsibility towards our employees, all of whom are treated as individuals and with due dignity. Their performance is assessed fairly. The salaries must be fair and the working conditions must be safe and healthy. Employees are free to submit any motions or complaints to management. Appropriately qualified employees can count on equal employment, development, and promotion opportunities.

Management – we ensure efficient management and the management staff’s decisions must be fair and ethical. We need to keep the entrusted property in appropriate order and protect our working environment. We are responsible towards the owners of our company.

Development – the company must generate appropriate profits. We need to carry out development work, experiment, and pay for our mistakes. We have to buy new machinery and devices, build new developments, and manufacture new products.

Safety – we need to develop reserves for potential unfavourable times. If we do, we should generate appropriate income.