From vision to mission

When you combine true passion with precisely specified premises for the undertaken activity, you will unquestionably create an exceptional vision. For Dynaxo, the vision focuses on strengthening the position of a proven supplier of comprehensive technological solutions for renowned brands and developing the position of a credible manufacturer of ceramic gas cooktops. Consistent fulfilment of this mission requires a sense of responsibility, high business culture, and a bold view of the future. These three attributes make it possible for us to provide top quality products and services to our clients.

From mission to strategy

  • We grow our knowledge and experience by continuously expanding and diversifying the industry portfolio of our clients in order to ensure the most versatile offer.
  • We work with dependable and competent suppliers to ensure a professional approach at every stage of operations.
  • We continuously monitor the satisfaction of our clients and strive for perfection in order to meet the most demanding of expectations.
  • We raise the qualifications of our employees to become a fully competent and trusted business partner.

Our value – customer satisfaction

  • We are responsible towards our clients and must provide the top possible quality, punctual order fulfilment, and reduced production costs in order to compete with our prices.
  • We want our products and services to respond to the changing expectations and requirements, but we also want to anticipate demand, generate unique values, and maintain our leading position as a metal product designing and manufacturing expert.

Our strength – recognition of employees

  • Our responsibility towards our employees obliges us to an individual and dignified approach involving fair remuneration, equal employment, professional development, and promotion opportunities, and absolute safety and comfort at work.
  • Our ethical management is based on partnership, a democratic working environment where decisions are made by consensus, dialogue with our employees, and remuneration adequate to the knowledge and skills of the professionals we employ.

Our future – sustainable development

  • Responsibility for maintaining the high level of our business motivates us to particularly care for nature and for protection of the work environment.
  • Being highly concerned about these issues, we strive to create innovative solutions and pursue technological experiments which teach us to rationally assess our successes as well as take responsibility for the mistakes we make.
  • We believe in the power of investment, which is why we constantly develop by purchasing new machines, production lines and halls, which are both a guarantee of present profits and a provision for the future.

We share our passion for sport, healthy lifestyle and fair play with our employees.