A company is only as strong as its people

From our very beginnings, we have been following the rule of the invaluable potential contributed to the business by its people. Our team is composed of competent specialists, who are responsible for the quality of the offered products and the precision of the management system.

“Dynaxo is a Polish family business with a corporate drill. We convey the most important values derived from the strength of our family and the experiences of global companies into our business.”

Małgorzata Brzóska-Nowak & Paweł Nowak
presidents of the management board


Wise and strategic management is at the base of our company’s success. Our team is made up of people for whom work is an inexhaustible source of motivation and satisfaction.

Stanisław Nowak
Advisor to the Board

+48 67 25 44 500

He graduated from Poznań University of Technology (Machine Construction Department) in 1964. After his studies he took up a three-year internship at SHL (a manufacturer of motorcycles and body parts for the automotive industry) in Kielce. In 1968–1969 he worked for the HCP Cast Iron Foundry in Śrem, and in 1970–1979 at the kitchen appliance factory currently known as Amica Wronki S.A., as Head Constructor. In 1980 he founded the firm Stanmet-Nowak s.c., and in 1993 he made his son, Paweł Nowak, a partner. In 2003 the firm was converted into a Limited Liability Company under the name DYNAXO. In 2011 he handed over the management and his shares to the next generation. Currently he acts as an advisor to the company board, assisting them with his entrepreneurial spirit, initiative and experience.

He fulfills his dreams and passions by traveling in Europe by car, and he also visits the lost and less well-known corners of the world to learn about the lives of locals. His creed is: I do not “have to” do anything.

Małgorzata Brzóska-Nowak
President of the Board

+48 67 25 44 500

She graduated from Poznań University of Technology (Department of Chemical Technology). She has also completed a post-graduate course in Marketing at the Academy of Economics in Poznań, a post-graduate course in Management Psychology and a post-graduate course in Capital Investment at Poznań College of Banking. For ten years she worked at the international pharmaceutical company MSD Polska, where she took up many challenges and projects and was promoted to manager. She has practical experience in management, sales, coaching and running training courses, all gained while working at a global company. She has worked on and off for DYNAXO for twenty years. She is highly creative. Her actions shape the company in new ways, following a modern and sustainable vision.

Her interests are business psychology, healthy lifestyle and design. She is an avid reader and traveler.

Paweł Nowak
President of the Board

+48 67 25 44 500

He graduated from Poznań University of Technology (Department of Chemical Technology) and held the Ecole d’Application des Hauts Polymères scholarship in Strasbourg. He also completed a post-graduate course in Economic Analysis and Controlling at the Academy of Economics in Poznań. He has been associated with DYNAXO since a young age. Privately, he is interested in the new, undiscovered and the unobvious. He believes in the power of the human mind assisted by modern technology.

He spends his free time actively with his family, or thoughtfully with a book.

Stanisław Szyling
Research and Development Consultant

+48 696 417 708

He graduated from the Wrocław Institute of Technology (Electrotechnical Department), and completed a post-graduate course in Magnetic Recording at Warsaw University of Technology. His professional career has developed since 1967, when he became head of the design office at DIORA Radio Equipment. In 1998–2005 he worked at Gwarment, later becoming a designer and head of the design department for heating equipment at SOLGAZ. Since 2006 he has been with DYNAXO as Head of the Development Office.

He is very passionate about new technologies, hang gliding and electronics.

Przemysław Konenc
Managing director/proxy

+48 600 398 773

He graduated from the School of Management and Communication (Department of Engineering) in Poznań. He has been with DYNAXO since 1999. In 2005, together with our team, he successfully implemented a Quality Management System. As Head of QA, he is responsible for improving processes related to the quality of offered products and goods. Always ready to take action, he continues to implement further projects successfully.

He prefers to spend his free time actively, traveling and playing football. He is a happy husband and father.

Agata Ignatowicz
Sales Manager / proxy

+48 882 135 090

She graduated from Koszalin University of Technology (Mechanics Department), majoring in Industrial Marketing and Management. She is currently taking a post-graduate course in Sales Management at the University of Economics in Poznań. She has been with DYNAXO since 2012, at first as a Sales Specialist, and currently as Sales Manager. Since the very start of her career she has been involved with B2B industries and metal products.

She is very well organized, skillfully solves any problems she encounters, and effectively reaches her set goals.



Our managers are people who strive for the highest efficiency and quality of the work they do. Thanks to them our team is engaged and motivated to constantly refine the company profile.

Katarzyna Mazurek – Dymek 
head of the finance and accounting department

+48 735 049 581

Graduate of the Banking Academy in Poznań with master’s degree in Accounting and Financing. Has worked in accounting since 2010. Worked for Carlsberg Accounting Shared Services Sp. z o. o. and Genpact Service Poland Sp. z o.o. in Poznań. Holder of the third degree Chief Accountant certificate of the Association of Accountants in Poland. Joined Dynaxo in 2018 as accounting specialist and was promoted to senior accounting specialist and coordinator of the financial and accounting department in March of 2020.

Currently serves as the financial and accounting department manager.

Spends her free time with her husband and children travelling the country.

Rafał Hawryszkiewicz
Production Manager

+48 604 118 856

He graduated from the College of Logistics in Poznań, majoring in Management Studies and Logistics. He also completed a postgraduate course, being awarded the title of OHS Manager. He has been with DYNAXO since 1998. At present he is the Manager of the Manufacturing Department and an OHS Inspector. His day-to-day work involves production planning and processes as well as the end result of the team’s operations. He is responsible for ensuring safe and ergonomic working conditions.

Privately, he is a happy husband and a father of two, and greatly enjoys spending quality, active time with his family.

Marcin Muchyński
head of research and development

+48 600 891 902

Graduated from the Military Academy of Technology in Warsaw, Faculty of Mechatronics. He works with Dynaxo since 2010. Constructor and technologist responsible for gas ceramic discs DynaCook, currently holds a position of head of research and development.

He is a fan of electronics, programming and new technologies. Privately, a happy husband and father. In his spare time, he swims, rides a bike and builds models.

Bartosz Sulicki
head of the technical department

+48 735 936 090

Graduate of Mechanical Engineering at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Management of the Poznań University of Technology. Employed by DYNAXO in 2007 at the position of technology and engineering expert, where he was responsible for technical support for the company’s key Clients. From 2017, he is in charge of the work of the Technical Department and provides support to the Maintenance Department.

Likes to spend his free time actively with his family: wife and two children. Fan of camping trailers, cycling trips, and kayaking.

Szymon Kurasz
purchasing and logistics manager

+48 606 256 819

Graduate of the Poznań University of Communications and Management, Faculty of Management Engineering. Specialisation: Logistics.
Associated with DYNAXO’s logistics department since 2008. Gained experience in every position of the department. Previously worked for a home appliances manufacturer.
He currently serves as the purchases and logistics manager. His responsibilities include supervising purchasing and warehousing processes.
Privately, he is a husband and father. His hobbies include DIY and gardening.

Magdalena Kowalczyk
Office Manager

+48 67 25 44 500

Graduated in Political Science from the Institute of Political Science and Journalism, Faculty of Social Sciences at the Poznań Adam Mickiewicz University. Completed a postgraduate course in Real Estate Management at the Wyższa Szkoła Bankowa university in Poznań. Has been working in finance for 14 years, gaining experience in companies such as the British-Polish Financial Society WBK CU, BROKERHAUS Sp. z o.o. or Dom Maklerski BZ WBK SA. Joined the DYNAXO team in 2014 with the responsibility for everyday functioning and organizing the administrative departments of the company.

Prefers to spend her free time cycling with her husband and sons.

Miłosz Ganska
quality control manager / ISO representative

+48 696 433 239

Graduate of the Poznań University of Technology, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering. Specialisation: Production Engineering and Management. Also graduate of the University of Life Sciences in Poznań, Faculty of Land Reclamation and Environmental Engineering. His entire career has been spent in the industrial sector. Came to Dynaxo in 2015 as Quality Specialist. Today, he serves as the Quality Control Manager / ISO Representative.
He loves to spend his free time actively in the mountains or trekking. A cycling enthusiast, he tries to spend as much time as possible on Polish roads.


Responsible for customer relations, oriented towards the clients’ needs, with perfect knowledge of the market and its changing trends – professionals to the bone.

Joanna Paradiuk-Dura
Key account manager

+48 608 026 019

She graduated from the School of Banking in Poznań (Institute of Banking and Finance), majoring in International Finance. She gained professional experience in the analysis and accounts department of a transportation company. She has been with DYNAXO since 2011.

She is an enthusiast of long-distance cycling trips.

Aneta Kubiak
sales specialist

+48 882 684 549

Graduated from Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, Faculty of Chemistry. She also completed postgraduate WSL studies in Environmental Management in Enterprises. She has gained experience in the industry working in the company specializing in agricultural production. She works with Dynaxo since 2016.

She likes crime novels, bike travels and loves to experiment in the kitchen.

Honorata Fijak-Nowak
key account manager

+48 734 212 706

Graduated in Biotechnology from the Natural Sciences University in Poznań, specializing in animal production. Has been working in industry for over 10 years. Gained her experience in both sales and quality departments as well as in production cost optimization.
Valuing constant development, she joined the DYNAXO team in 2019 in the search for new challenges.
Prefers to spend her free time on baking homemade bread, or with her family in the calm and quiet of her garden.

Martyna Kaźmierczak
junior sales specialist

+48 882 684 549

Graduate of WSB University in Poznań, Faculty of International Trade. Also studied Economics at the Poznań University of Economics and Business. Gained experience in the sales department of a printing company. Has been working for DYNAXO since 2022.
Loves animals and music.

Piotr kęsy
Dynacook product advisor

+48 538 614 009

Graduate of the Poznań University of Physical Education with a master’s degree. Has been working in sales for advertising companies for years and opened his own company in 2010 under the name of Przedsiębiorstwo Usługowo-Handlowe Marccato Piotr Kęsy. Extensively experienced in sales, negotiations, and building strong relations. 
Enthusiast of healthy living. Likes to spend his free time with his family and on his passions. Loves to travel on his motorcycle and exercise with a kettlebell.

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DYNAXO is a place where passion meets precision and development leads to action.
This is where ideas are born and this is where they come into being.

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