About us

A Polish company with principles

About us

DYNAXO is where passion meets precision and development meets consistency. It is where ideas are born and take real shape. The history of the DYNAXO company is connected with the family history of Jolanta and Stanisław Nowak. In 1980 the engineer and designer Stanisław Nowak decided to use the capital he and his wife had amassed to realize his dream of building a strong company. DYNAXO remains a family firm. With over 40 years of experience, a highly qualified team and a precise system of management, a strong foundation has been created for a company operating in the following main areas:

  • Household appliances
  • The electrical machine industry

Focusing on reliable customer service, we have made our organization ready for partnership with global customers and other firms. We provide services and manufacture and supply products for various markets and industries, including:

  • household appliances
  • telecommunications
  • ICT
  • electronic and automated industrial solutions
  • machine-building and construction
  • the health care industry
  • the furniture industry
  • POS

As a supplier of comprehensive technological solutions, we also manufacture and deliver different types of finished products, including mini-hobs and ceramic hobs. These products include innovative and patented solutions (DYNAXO holds 6 patents worldwide) such as our ceramic gas hobs. Striving for constant improvement and implementing our company strategy, we have established our own Research and Development Office supported by the Technical Department, with experts in the fields of IT, cybernetics and mechatronics. At present, the DYNAXO team consists of over 100 qualified staff, the total area of our production facilities is 2600 m2, and we have 800 m2 of storage facilities and a 1000 m2 administration building, with 12 ha of land ready for further developments. We also have a research laboratory, fully equipped with cutting-edge equipment. The DYNAXO brand was founded to ensure that our customers’ requirements are fulfilled in a professional and comprehensive manner. We stand for the best quality, as attested by a certified quality management system based on ISO 9001:2009, by which our company’s operations are run.

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